Kneeling Paypig

National Careers Week

Listen up paypigs, this week is an important week for you to consider your futures. It is the start of National Careers Week and time for you to reflect on your job. I make no secret of the fact that I am an expensive Goddess and whilst paltry wages with a submissive nature are a start for you, true submission and contact with your Domme costs. You wouldn’t have it any other way – the best always has a hefty price tag.

I suggest that you use this calendar reminder to look at your money pulling power. Are you really in the best, most lucrative post you can be? If not, then it is time to get climbing that ladder in your workplace. Have you become idle during Covid, gotten too used to doing the minimum and not meeting those targets? Then pull your socks up and get to work for your Queen. Are you overdue a pay rise? Then you need to grow a set of balls to go and ask for it. Nothing in this life is free including Me so go to work and earn what I am worth.

Are you reading this and thinking that it doesn’t apply to you? You are already in a successful position and earning a salary that gets you what you need with the only Goddess who really understands you, so your work is done. But it isn’t, is it? Are you really doing everything you can or can you squeeze an extra hour into your week? Remember, you only have one thing I could ever find satisfying, and I am hard to satiate.

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