Debt Contract

A Findom Debt Contract is a way for you to be indebted and bound to Me.

How much do you owe Me, slave? How much do you need to pay Me for being a presence in your life, for breathing the same air as you or for My valuable time you are about to take up?

You owe Me an amount that cannot be paid at once, so we are going to agree to a contract. Here is how it will work. Kneel and take note – we don’t want your finances getting worse now, do we?!

You shall make an initial tribute of no less than £75 via any of My tribute methods.

You will tell Me the amount you owe (at least £1000), your minimum weekly payment (at least £75 payable every Friday), your name and/or Twitter handle.

I will draw up a personalised contract and email it to you within 48 hours. Yes, I know, you will be desperate to hear from your Mistress. How many times will you check your emails, waiting for word from your Findom Banker?

Your debt may be increased at My discretion by any of the following:

  • weekly interest (5% minimum)
  • admin fees
  • overpayment fees
  • late payment tax
  • weekly payment reminder
  • final payment fee
  • spin-the-wheel debt increases
  • spin-the-wheel interest rate
  • broken chastity tax (optional)


You will be issued with a monthly statement so you can see where on the spiral of debt you are.

My bank is always open and ready to receive your hard-earned cash so make sure you visit often. After all, that money won’t deposit itself!

Mistress on stairs

Bank Transfer

Sort Code: 04-00-75
Account: 71037403
For International payments via SWIFT
contact Me by email or Contact Form


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