Finsub Savings Account

It is time to ditch the High Street banks! Forget their pitiful offerings to savers and open your first Finsub Savings Account with the Bank of Findom Shona.

If you are wondering what the perks are, it is simple. There are no deposit limits and you can pay in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Who else offers that kind of flexibility? As for withdrawals, well, only I do that because everything you pay in is just for Me.

I’ll send you a monthly statement so you can see how well you are doing at pleasing your Findom Banker. Don’t you love the thought of reading it?

To open your account, you shall make an initial tribute of no less than £25 via any of My tribute methods.

You will then tell Me if you have a savings goal in mind. There is no payment schedule to follow but the more regular the better. We both know it is the only way you will get the release you need.

The account may include the following:

  • Monthly account fee
  • Negative interest rate (5%/week)
  • Additional fees/fines
  • Broken chastity tax (optional)


Your account will be immediately activated and as long as monthly deposits totalling more than £200 are made, you will be sent a statement on the 1st of every month which will include all My withdrawals. I know it will excite you to see how I have enjoyed draining your hard-earned slave money.

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Savings Account Statement
Sample Statement

Bank Transfer

Sort Code: 04-00-75
Account: 71037403
For International payments via SWIFT
contact Me by email or Contact Form


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