Female Led Relationship

Have you been in a female led relationship before and known what it is to really hand over all control, to undergo TPE? Do you wish to experience a female led relationship, yet do not have that special woman in your life to devote to?

This is where I come in.

I am a Goddess in My world. For those select few who understand what is required of them, I shall permit them the opportunity to experience an online FLR. It is time to treat yourself to what you have been missing.

Now, where are you on your journey, beta? Let’s see what is to be done.

Level 1 – Novice

£50/week min

You are new to FLR and are finding your feet within the community. You will be comfortable with worship and making tribute to Me but will need to ask Me to make some important decisions over what you should or are permitted to do.

Level 2 – Initiate

£100/week min

You have reached the point of being ready to feel a moderate level of control over your life. Worship continues but I will set household chores that you are to perform. The desire to do them well makes your head spin as you enjoy the sense of rule I have over your free-time. I will review your household budget to ensure you are not frivolous with money you earn to enhance My lifestyle.

Level 3 – Intermediate

£150/week min

At this stage you have accepted without doubt that My happiness and satisfaction is the priority. It is Me that your life revolves around. Every action you do will have Me in mind and you wouldn’t even dream of making an important decision without consulting Me and gaining My approval. The budget control increases with sacrifices made to free additional funds for your Superior. My word is final.

Level 4 – Expert

Salary minus your allowance

This is the most complete level of FLR. It is the point at which you understand that My happiness is all that matters, and all of your needs are secondary. Where possible, I will demand that you spend long periods in chastity. All decisions that are practical to be run by Me are, as doing otherwise would feel like a betrayal of our agreement. The household budget is entirely at My control with you having an allowance to live on.

It is possible to lie between levels or feel ready for different stages at different points. The key thing is understanding the power and benefits of accepting Me as your Superior.

To start, you shall make an initial tribute of no less than £50 via any of My tribute methods and then contact Me.

You will tell Me of any experiences relevant to date and where you feel you are in terms of the levels indicated above. I shall then progress things from there as stipulated by the level agreed upon.

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