Financial Slave

I accept only the most elite of financial slaves at My feet and it is for you to prove you are ready to be counted among them.

I demand sacrifice, loyalty and commitment.

You cannot hope to naturally encounter someone of My position, but I am giving you the chance to serve Me through building a respectful D/s bond with Me.

You can take your place at My feet, forget the vanilla-world, enjoy My intellect, experience My guidance and know what it is to be acknowledged by a strong, dominant and otherwise unattainable Mistress.

By applying to be My slave you are asking to be considered entry into My world and in time become My property.

You will send an initial tribute of no less than £50 via any of My tribute methods and then you may complete the Slave Application Form below to begin your journey.

Tribute will be expected at least weekly. There is a minimum of £50/week but as My slave you will be striving to give Me your maximum.

A slave who is focused on the minimum has no place with Me.

Slave Application Form

Bank Transfer

Sort Code: 04-00-75
Account: 71037403
For International payments via SWIFT
contact Me by email or Contact Form


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ETH: 0xF35Da1ed1DEc2317Df666Df02A182F4dC5063214


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