Female Supremacy

How wonderful, having found Female Supremacy you have accepted your place in the grand scheme of things. Of course women are superior to men, and clearly your Goddess is leagues above them all. Within My community I am the ruler. What I say goes – it simplifies your life and makes the world seem a less daunting place. It is how things should be in life generally.

Things work and run much better with a woman at the helm. Gender equality is not what should be aimed for. A woman who settles for that has lost her way, unaware of the strength a woman possesses. She needs to be empowered and supported to release her true potential.

I know what I can do and it is time you, as a man, knelt and accepted that fact. Gynarchy and matriarchy is the only true path. When you subscribe to that belief you are ready to serve Me. The future is so much brighter through the control of masculinity.

You shall revere and worship Me in accordance with these beliefs. My word is gospel. Tribute is not made because you are the ‘provider’ or the ‘breadwinner’ but in recognition of you valuing Me as the strong, powerful Woman that I am. Your gifts add to My lifestyle and enable Me to do more, to express Myself more, to attract more to Me who need to hear My words. I build around Me an empire of those who understand the female sex is dominant and that I am best placed to lead you.

Join them.

To show you subscribe to the true path of female supremacy you shall make tributes to Me. This can be done via any of My tribute methods.

You may then contact Me if you wish or you can remain quiet and regularly support the movement with your gifts.

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