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Findom Payday

Who can fail to be cheered by payday?!  Your payday equals findom payday. It’s that simple. As your FinDomme it must be the best day of most months. The only possible exceptions being July for My birthday and December for Christmas. Payday is the moment that your funds are rejuvenated and fresh gifts can be liberally bestowed without Me hearing the whining and pitiful excuses that lead to paypig blockings! Best of all are that tithes are delivered, bestowed lovingly to your Mistress. It is a day when My cash cows, paypigs and money slaves make a declaration of their continued affection and/or devotion to Me. 

For each submissive who has chosen tithe, I know when this day is. It goes without saying that late payment is punished with further taxation. It may also lead, depending on the situation, to tasks being set, humiliation or other punishments. Needless to say, failed payment usually leads to removal from My stables. I must be honest and say that I have permitted a paypig back before but that was at My discretion and only because he grovelled pathetically, wrote a poem and by the time I’d finished toying with him the monthly tithe increased by 5%. What can I say?! I like to play!

Making the extra effort on payday shows your commitment. Being a financial submissive is a way of life and making that tribute to your Goddess first shows how highly She is placed. Why would I want to be given the leftovers from your salary? To seemingly come beneath your utility bill? I don’t think so darling! 

Tithe is straightforward. You effectively just hand over your cash to Me. But I know that sometimes you want to feel special, want to be noticed and so you want to send me gifts. That’s very sweet and certainly goes some way to making our relationship even sweeter.

Be a good finsub and let’s get that payment set-up now. I’m waiting to hear all about how good you’ve been. Chop. Chop!


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