Dominant Mistress with Crop

Becoming a Findom

I have written this blog post about becoming a Findom. It is for those of you who are not fortunate to know Me already. A taste of Findom Shona’s past just for you. Aren’t you lucky? Say “yes Miss” and kneel whilst you read this. 

The Early Days

After leaving university, I worked a normal job. Believe it or not, I sold mortgages of all things! The one benefit of having done that is I found just how good I am at getting what I want from men. At the time most brokers were men, so they were My target market. Bonuses used to be given to those that closed the most deals and got the most applications in and I never missed a target. Nobody would say no to Me, would they? After a few months I came to the attention of a senior member of the company. It was from then that I began to understand how My life could be. He would arrive at the offices with champagne, I would go on extravagant lunches and My need to work diminished. My new found freedom made Me see My true calling – a Mistress to be adored.

Getting Wise

Selling mortgages in an office was totally abandoned as I took My desires to whole new levels. I became a Mistress to him and others. Much enjoyment was had over many sessions, teasing and toying with them like My playthings or trampling them into the ground. If it was legal, there wasn’t a kink I wouldn’t look at – as long as the sub understood whatever we discussed, I was the alpha. My position was never to be questioned. I didn’t need to set a fee. My worth was automatically understood by My slaves, and they gave handsomely. Then I took the leap and decided to prioritise My wants. Those that didn’t excite Me or pay enough were cut loose. I became the Findom Goddess I am today overnight. 

Having Fun

The word ‘no’ became My default and I loved to see how you much harder it made my finsubs work. The paypigs began to understand how everything they did in life could take on a greater meaning if they were doing it for Me. They could sacrifice for Me, clamour for My attentions and earn praise with the press of a button. They could sense the excitement as we headed to a wallet rape session or a cashpoint meet. It became customary to a number of true ‘devotees’ to tribute small but daily sums as just a way of entering in My life. Others gave themselves and their budgets to Me so they could better see how to be the human ATM they dreamt of. Anonymous gifts, one-off tributes, paypig applications and even requests for an ‘alpha-beta’ paid for friendship became the norm. 

Missing the Thrill

Why did I stop for a while? That must be what you are asking yourselves. The answer is really very simple. I experienced what will likely be a once in a lifetime financial drain and did what every good FinDomme would do. I treated Myself – a lot! As a result, I now own My own house. Does My return signify that I now need you? Hell no! Put that idea right out of your tiny little mind. What I am back for is the thrill of the take but do not mistake that for ‘need’. You need Me sweetheart. It will always be that way round. I am high class and that comes with high cost. I am a lifestyle findom and we are a rare breed.

Now come worship and see what you have been missing in My absence.


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