Mistress Shona

Findom Goddess is Back

It is time to celebrate! Your Findom Goddess is officially back and accepting new finsubs, paypigs and money slaves to Her stables. You are so lucky! Read through My website at leisure and see if you think you will fit into My demanding world.

My Blog Schedule

I shall be writing blog posts up to 3 times a week. Check back frequently so you don’t miss what I have to say. If I think it worth writing you need to read it!

During the Week

During the week I will write to tell you what annoys or pleases Me. Make a note of them – displeasing Me is not wise! I will also do lifestyle posts about being a FinDomme and if you are very lucky, share past experiences I have had. I know those will excite you – remember to tribute Me for allowing you a peek into My world.


Sundays we shall round off the week with one of two things. It could be Me sharing something of what has happened. A nugget of joy I’ll be kind enough to impart. I know you will lap it up like the good playthings you are! Or I will take pity on your stupidity and remind you of the next calendar event that is important to Me. There will be no excuses for missing something that matters to your Findom Mistress. Get it on your calendars immediately!


But today is Friday! Fridays will normally be the day where I post about tributes I have received in the last week. If you have been a good servant, then keep your eyes peeled. You may see your tribute featured here with a sentence of praise and be able to hold your head up high for once! If, on the other hand, you have been a pathetic little sub and your contribution is noted here, realise that your place in My realm is at risk! You will be clinging on by your fingertips. Grovel, apologise and above all else, do better!

So, let’s kick things off shall we? Go to My ‘Tributes‘ page and show your worth! Earn your place!

PS: It is exhilarating to be back My darlings! Kisses!

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