Obey the Rules


Financial domination is like a contract – you may be accepted by Me and there are rules you must follow otherwise I shall not invest My time in you. Do not worry paypig, there are not many findom rules to follow and for those who are truly ready to submit to Me, none of them shall come as a surprise. But for those of you who are uncertain or new, read below. Best not to upset Me if you can help it.

  • You shall always be respectful and remember your place
  • I am to be addressed as Goddess or Mistress at all times
  • It is your duty to make tribute and you shall be thankful that you are permitted to do so
  •  Tribute must be made before any attempt to contact Me
  •  Do not make demands of Me – I owe you nothing, you owe Me everything
  •  Late payment is as bad as no payment and is not acceptable
  •  Abuse will NEVER be tolerated


Now work out what you want, what you can give and let’s get started. That wallet won’t drain itself!

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Size matters with this as in everything else.
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