Jo Malone Candle

Findom Tribute – Jo Malone Townhouse Candle

Woohoo! It is Friday and time to announce the Findom tribute of the week! This week is not My biggest tribute but it is something I have fancied for a while so that moves it up the ranks in My estimation. It is a Jo Malone Townhouse Candle in Fresh Fig and Cassis scent. Divine!

I’ve checked and the paypig in question wishes to remain anonymous, but I am sure his pathetic little cocklet will be twitching with excitement to be getting a bit of recognition. So sweet… pathetic! I love it!

So why have I chosen this tribute when others have contributed more? It is a fair question and one I am thrilled to answer. Let us think it through carefully. Who deserves the money you earn? That is right, I do. I deserve everything that trundles its way into your bank account. Your duty is to send it to Me and I then do whatever I damn well please with it. So, if I feel like burning it I will. That is what this candle symbolises. This findom tribute shows Me burning your cash and you love it!

Send more darlings. Let’s get the fire blazing!

Do not forget that this accolade comes around weekly so you have ample opportunity to impress Me before next week. You can do it on My website but watch this space as I have some thrilling news for you all. I shall be on LoyalFans soon and you will be able to subscribe so you can get videos of your findom Goddess in action. Clutch those wallets boys – you are going to suffer a findom relapse!

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