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What is Tithe?

I received a question from an uneducated paypig this week: What is Tithe, Mistress? On one hand I admired him for being brave enough to ask. Yet, on the other I was incredibly disappointed that he didn’t have the brain power to answer his own question. Apparently being intellectual was not a pre-requisite for the acceptable finances that are now wending their way to Me monthly. It occurred to Me that some of you money slaves may not understand tithe and as it is something that brings Me great pleasure I thought I would enlighten you. So, sit up straight and listen to your Goddess.

TITHE: “a tenth part of something paid as a voluntary contribution or as a tax”

In the past it was customary for a tenth of all earnings/income to be paid to the church. This would be done as a reminder that the individual was dependent on God, seeing him as a source of all blessings and showing gratitude for his care.

Times have changed! Hooray!

Tithe in Findom

You do not have to be religious to pay tithe to Me, nor must you view Me as some otherworldly being. You must simply recognise that you are blessed that I am here, grateful that I am opening Myself and My realm to you at all. I know that you feel your dependence upon Me at the strangest times. As your Goddess I understand the need to see or hear Me, the desire to earn recognition as the good financial slave you are. I am your FinDomme and rule over your heart and wallet. It is only right.

What you do is simple. Every payday you send a minimum of 10% of your earnings to Me. It is to be done on payday, without exception. I will be the first payment of the month, more important than any bill. I am a FinDomme, a Queen, a Goddess – of course I come first. The dregs of your salary are not what you pass to Me. How you survive the rest of the month is your affair. Scraps are for the piggies and you know it make us both happy that you will struggle or even suffer for Me.

Pay tribute to Me to show you have understood the concept and begin your monthly payments. That way you will never disappoint Me again…..well, maybe not anyway!

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you about the little piggy who asked. I now receive 15% of his salary (we added 5% tax for his stupidity) and he has rightly sent Me a bottle of champagne to celebrate. I might send him a pic – or not!

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