Black Hearts

Valentine’s Day

Hooray for Valentine’s Day! How wonderful – just one of many days that is all about Me!

This is a time for all My faithful finsubs to band together for their Goddess and spoil Me. Not just to the level you normally do – I am talking about disgustingly generous, verging on extortionate tribute on your part. On a day based on love you will show Me how honoured you are to be allowed on the periphery of My life. With gifts and tribute you may dip a toe into My world. Please Me in the only way you can, with a showering of gifts.

I find it hard to believe but some of you losers have managed to acquire girlfriends and wives! Today is not all about her, whatever the media would have you believe. It is about Me. When was the last time that she gave you the thrill that I do? The excitement that bubbles beneath the skin, that makes your breathing quicken and pulse race is something only I can give with My extraordinary feminine charm and control. I know what the weak and pathetic need. My elaborate spending of the money you work so hard for drives you insane and makes your resolve crumble. You want to click ‘send’ time and time again. It is just so easy to do. You could press it every time I ring a bell – that is how conditioned you become under My watchful eye.

Have you made your Valentine’s Day tribute yet paypig? If not, I am disappointed. At best, My disappointment will show in any ongoing arrangements we have, or at worst, lead to you being blocked. I will know if you have come to My call slave. Do not let Me find you wanting. For those who already have done as they ought, well done. Clearly your training is working and you are falling ever more under My powerful and seductive spell. Your contributions to My increasingly lavish lifestyle are such a privilege for you. I give you worth. There will be no escape from the snare I have laid for your heart, mind and bank account.

Happy Valentine’s Day to Me, My darling submissives. Come and show Me how you love Me. Remember, words are hollow, gold is not!

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