Dear Diary Pink

YouTube, Videos and Dick Pics

How wonderful for all you pathetic slaves! I am treating you all to an update/findom diary entry as there is so much for you to know and look forward to. Take note of what your Goddess has to say. No, not sat on the sofa. Kneel when you read My words like the good submissive you are.

My Findom YouTube Channel

Some of you will no doubt be aware that My YouTube channel is now up and running with a few videos in place. It is just another little way to spread the word of your Goddess. It has of course been well received by paypigs around the world who wish to serve Me. The list of such finsubs is growing as always, but remember, I have room in My stables for more who are of the right disposition. Does that mean everyone has a place with Me? As long as they are respectful and useful then yes. NB: ‘useful’ with betas means ‘paying’. It is all you are good for. Don’t forget it.

The problem with YouTube is that I cannot do direct messages to my money slaves and subbies. I have to be what YouTube considers ‘educational’. It has different views to Me on what that means! I feel certain that I should be able to tell a slave if he hasn’t worked hard enough for Me, if his tribute is pathetic and he is a disappointment, but I have to save that for My own site.


On that note I shall be adding a few more free videos to My media webpages come the weekend. Keep your eyes peeled and thank your Goddess with tribute when they arrive.

Make the most of the free ones because it will not last forever. Your Goddess will be opening an online store, hopefully in the next month. You will then be able to buy videos, and voice recordings. Be excited! It means you can give Me more money whilst hearing My voice educating, brainwashing and berating you all the more often! If you pay enough, I could even do a personalised one. Now wouldn’t that be what you dream of? Lucky bitches.

Dick Rating Service

One bug bear continues – dick pics! WTF?! For those that have sent them unsolicited, you are blocked with an unblocking fee of £100. Those that are considering it – you have been warned. I am a Goddess and only the most premium of Alpha’s can show me what they are packing when invited to do so. The disgraceful images I’ve received are nowhere near that league. Stop embarrassing yourselves betas. If you are adamant you want it seen then you will do the right thing and pay for making My eyes peruse it. A Dick Rating Service will soon be added to My site. I will educate you on what is wrong with your cocklet. See it through My eyes and you will understand why it should be locked away.

As you have seen from this findom diary, it is a busy and wonderous time for your Goddess. I am sure you are all suitably thrilled. Now go and earn in My name. Have a purpose.

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