paypig of the month

Paypig of the Month Competition

It is the last day of the month and time to announce something for My subservient paypigs. As a treat, at the end of every month, I shall be declaring a Paypig of the Month! I know you are all thrilled at the prospect that you could be the one to garner so much praise as to warrant being mentioned here by your Queen. The notion that you could have registered on My radar will clearly be overwhelming for those select few. Try to contain yourselves, My pets!

My last post of every month will include reference to some of the tributes I have received. If they are abysmal, you may also be shamed but let’s not dwell on that. Let’s focus on how much harder you will all be striving to be the best trained, most loyal cash slave you can be and pleasing Me. The ones whose gifts, contributions and sacrifices are mentioned can consider themselves runners up. The humble servant who is crowned ‘Paypig of the Month’ does not have to be mentioned by name. I know anonymity is important to a lot of you, but you shall know who you are through My words.

This wonderful paypig extravaganza runs from today! If you want to be considered for the title of Paypig of the Month: March 2022 then you need to start toiling for Me now. You have until the end of March to make you mark and leave an impression. No, not on My heart but in My bank balance. Do not think that you cannot win because your tributes are not ‘big’ enough. I am interested in the sacrifice that each paypig has made for Me and whilst nothing about your Goddess is cheap, I do try to understand each paypig’s situation. As long as you think ‘big’ for your own situation and push yourself, then you are in with a chance. I also expect courtesy, loyalty, dedication and politeness from My submissives at all times. Failure to adhere to those rules, even once in the month, forfeits your chances.

My expectations are high. Live up to them, slaves.

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