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International Day of Happiness

Sunday 20th March is going to be a day to get marked into your calendars My eager slaves, as it is International Day of Happiness! We both know how important My happiness is. Nothing but My pleasures matters so this is an added chance for you to do your bit.

What Makes Me Happy

Obviously your utter submission and devotion is essential, otherwise you are just a waste of space. You either commit to your one true Goddess or you get out of My stables. On top of that I clearly expect you to give Me the one thing that you can to please Me. Yes, we are talking about your money. Paypigs, payslaves and Human ATMs all know that they were created to tribute their Goddess in a show of deference. My happiness stems from the sacrifices you make to offer Me these gifts – it makes each tribute symbolic of your unwavering commitment and reliance on Me. I give you purpose, I make you feel alive. It is the absolute surrender of power, and in turn money, to Me that fills My heart and funds My extravagant life.

What Makes you Happy

This matter is clearly of limited concern to Me. After all, your feelings are of little consequence when compared to My own. Of course, I accept a duty of care for those in My charge but that is roughly where it ends. However, if you have been welcomed into My stables, if you have been granted some correspondence with Me, a moment of My time, then you must surely feel unparalleled joy. As a servant you have perhaps waited a long time to find your place and to have one with Me is to know that you have found your home. No longer do you have to worry about what to do, be unclear of how to serve or wonder what is expected of you.

I make the path to surrender crystal clear and lead you on the journey. Every time you get to tribute, make tithe or press ‘send’ your heart will race with the excitement of it. Knowing you have a Queen who does not need money but simply demands it is the most satisfying and erotic thing you will have ever known. So many claim that they are FinDommes but so few are the real deal. So many lack the poise, the attitude, the birth-right to hold the position of Queen in your heart. You are so lucky to have Me that your happiness is guaranteed. Lucky boy!

Do you see how easy it is slave? Do you understand how simple it can be on the International Day of Happiness to make us both ecstatic? You have been given notice of it. Now work out what you will do about it.

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