Praying paypig

Good vs. Forgetful finsubs

Now the weekend is over I wanted to comment on the wonderful response to International Day of Happiness. Well done to those paypigs who excelled. With your sustained efforts I had the occasion marked early, marked on the day, tweeted about and received private DMs, emails and gifts. It was exactly as it should have been, in the most part. Those of you who contributed to the day can feel a sense of pride in having paid heed to the words of your Queen.

Not all individuals are expected to mark such events. For example, some of you have separate arrangements with Me such as a debt contract or the adoption of a bill. Others have more complex personal situations and as such your commitment to Me is already noted. In which case you are excused from these other activities. However, one paypig has sadly left our stables due to his continued incompetence including the inability to string a respectful sentence together and missing the event he was set to mark. Sad for him obviously, I am fine about it! My community is one of loyalty, commitment, devotion and fun and he was not suitable.

After all, what is the point in calendars, subtle reminders and not so subtle reminders if a slave cannot remember days that are important to Me? It is utterly disrespectful to have a paypig or a finsub who is not bound to Me in a service fail to mark an important date. Do I care if the date is important to him? Of course I don’t! I could tell you I am absolutely besotted with some strange creature from Timbuctoo and that I am marking it with a special day and I would still expect you to sit up and take note.

So, when I tell you on My Twitter posts and Blog posts that there is a date you should make note of, do it. On that day I expect you to show awareness of it. Depending on the relationship you have been fortunate enough to foster with Me that might be an email of recognition and a tribute or a gift. Just don’t ignore it because otherwise you may well find that I ignore you and it is a very cold and dark world without your Findom Goddess. Take heed and learn…!

To those who remain in My stables, keep up the good work.

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