Twitter DMs

There isn’t a day that goes by without a large quantity of DMs (direct messages) and message requests wending their way into My Twitter account. What could be said about that, you might be wondering. Let Me explain – unless they are from a known slave they are normally junk! There are grades of twaddle and I am going to walk you through some of them from the last week.

The vast majority will be mundane, boring and pointless. Normally to be filed in the ‘bin’ as soon as opened. Who contacts the Goddess of their dreams without tribute and instead thinks their best chance of getting a reply is to say ‘hi’, ‘hey’ or the best of the week ‘hey bby’ (with the typo)? Don’t they know how to make a Domme feel special?! Of course, you then get those that are plain scams or want you to DM them or send them your Cash App. Look, if you want My Cash App it is on every Tweet I send and My bio. Use your eyes! If I’m feeling kind, I might send a kiss emoji back to some of the dull ones to let them know I have realised they are alive. If they don’t reply with something sensible within the day, they get deleted. Quick and efficient.

The Waifs and Strays

I have decided that I also attract waifs and strays. Random individuals who seem to have absolutely no idea what they are doing in My DMs at all. If you don’t know, how should I?! Asking Me what I’m looking for is a bit of a moot point when every message I post tells them, as does My website and YouTube channel. I used to write something meaningful in reply about seeking slaves that actually know what it is to be committed and serve Me properly. The temptation now is just to answer with the word ‘money’ and see what they say back. I have to entertain Myself after all!

The Stupid

Then there are those that ask stupid questions. Bearing in mind these still come with no tribute and probably an inane introduction, this week these have included if I do femdom (I’m a Findom), what type of Domme I am (read something or look at any of My work), can I do verification (I have videos everywhere – there needs to be slave verification in My opinion), what sort of chat up line I want to hear (none – I want tribute) and if a beta could give Me another beta in tribute (er…no!).

I have also been told random facts over who has cuckolded who and who likes to eat cum or engage in golden showers, pegging and being taken for a human ashtray. Each to their own clearly, but just why am I being told this?! What part of My works make it seem as though I am interested? Do they think these tales will ignite in Me a fierce passion to overlook the lack of polite approach and tribute? It is mind boggling. I find Myself wanting to say the word ‘FinDomme’ very slowly and clearly so the information may seep through.

The Rude

The most ridiculous are the rude ones. This week I have had a few gems, but I shall let you have My Top 3.

In third place we have three ‘subs’ who didn’t tribute or even offer a greeting but instead wanted to know My age. When do you ask any lady how old they are? I’m old enough to be the best at what I do but young enough to look this incredible. No number will change those details!

In second place we have the random rant from a woman who wanted to tell Me that I am a bad woman. I didn’t quite get to the bottom of why I am a bad woman. Maybe it’s My pointy stick? Anyway, that was a very long rant that I felt she had put far too much time and energy into creating! Maybe other Dommes got the same thing as a copy and paste exercise.

The third one is the icing on the cake, the real pick of the bunch. I opened the message to see the words: “get on your fucking knees bitch”. Hmmmm……that’s not going to happen! Honestly! I can only think he is deranged, lost or can’t read and comprehend that a FinDomme is actually in charge in every situation. I don’t think he will go far. Poor lost soul!

Final Thoughts

I must say, putting it in writing has been quite cleansing for the soul. Maybe I will do another in the future. I am sure new material will present itself as I rather doubt My writing this will lead to a drought of inspiration! Anyway, before you contact the Domme of your choosing, for the love of your Goddess, get the approach right! It isn’t as difficult as most of you make out. If you can’t do that, back out of My DMs. There is no space for you in there. You need to fill My bank account, not My inbox.

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