Worshipping Mistress

Why Choose Me?

It is hard to know whether to put this post down as a weekly lifestyle blog or a rant of things that displease Me. The question asked once and never to be asked again as it is nothing short of an insult to Me. “Why choose Mistress Shona?” It is galling. The fact the question even momentarily flits through your mind shows you have not accepted and embraced who and what I am. Let us go back to basics. Let Me educate you as to why you should choose Me, My simple servant.

What is a FinDomme?

A FinDomme is a Goddess who does not need you. She needs nothing as she is a self-sufficient, strong woman. She is not looking for a sugar daddy to see her through college, nor is she offering sexual favours to those who slip her a few pounds. Do not confuse her with a Mistress for whom there is an hourly rate, a price list where x amount of money buys you something tangible with her.


Do not get me wrong; there is absolutely nothing wrong with either activity but they are distinct from what Financial Domination is. It is not a bartering system; it is not tit for tat.

To submit fully to Me is to stand at the edge of the abyss of pleasures and release you have only ever dreamt of. It is to allow yourself to come to the realisation that in today’s society, where money and wealth symbolises supposed power, you do not need or want it. You want to sacrifice for your better, for your Superior. You want to go without something or many things. Each loss, every second that you have gone without, is marked with the tinge of excitement knowing that I want for nothing.

You will lay tributes at My feet hoping instead for the smallest recognition knowing you will probably be found wanting. You gaze at my photos, hear the sound of my voice commanding yet soothing, leading you to show why you hold a place in My stables.

I do not need to swear, shout and name call randomly and desperately as those who give Findom a bad name do. You see, I am in control. I am the elite, the Goddess for whom all is possible. You can only dream of sneaking a peek into my world, to skirt on the periphery. It is time to surrender to Me once and for all.

So, why choose Me? Darling, you have never had a choice. All you were waiting for was to find Me. Now you have, you know it is right and that you have come home.

Now be a good finsub and show Me how you love Me.

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