72 Hours of Idiocy

Having been unwell for the last few days I have found Myself short on patience, not aided by what has culminated to be 72 hours of idiocy. It would seem that a number of slaves, would-be slaves and lurkers have all come together in the same successive days to cause more annoyance than usual. I am going to have a cathartic blog where I explain My disgruntlement with them all.

Pick ‘n’ Mix

If you come to Me and request a service and I am gracious enough to permit you to have it with Me, that means you are permitted that service with Me. Do not then suppose that that means you can have a cherry pick of every other service I provide whilst paying the same tribute. It is not a pick ‘n’ mix! If you want a debt contract, you get a debt contract. If you open a finsub savings account, then pay into it. Do not then send Me an email bemoaning the fact that I am not telling you what to do in every second of your life. If you want that, you tribute Me, approach Me and ask for that. When I take you on it is on My terms so do not move the goal posts. It will get you evicted.

Don’t Whinge!

The whining, needy subs need to get a grip! Bearing in mind that you come from across the world, do I want to receive multiple 3am emails telling Me you are having an emotional moment and need to hear that you are good/well behaved/liked/loyal etc? No, I do not! If I think you a pain in the backside I will tell you, most likely during daylight hours! Do not confuse your Mistress with a support worker. I will support your mental well-being within the context of our relationship and for those I have a true, meaningful Domme/slave relationship it will go beyond that as well. But these whingeing episodes where I am bombarded with emails because an instant reply is expected are a no go!

Don’t Be Silly!

The methods through which you can communicate with Me are very clear. Sending Me your telephone number when you have never approached Me before or made tribute and then telling Me you expect Me to call you on a certain day and time is ludicrous. When would I ever change what I do or run to a schedule set by a man? This was only beaten by another idiot that, in a moment of kindness I sent a sentence back stating I do not do that, tried to argue with Me!

I have also been further reaching then any of us could have imagined. I had an email purporting to be from Jesus! It seems he is unhappy with women. It wasn’t clear why. Perhaps it is something he will have to take up with his father.

Just To Be Clear

I am very clear about what I do and do not do. My website, YouTube channel, Twitter feed, FINmessage profile, LoyalFans account and so on are very accurate. Nowhere does it say I do Femdom!

So, for clarification:

  • I do not want you to ‘squeal like a little girl’ for Me
  • I do not want to meet for a BDSM session
  • I do not want to have sex with you
  • I do not want you to live with Me
  • I do not want you to clean My house in front of Me and My mother (who is dead by the way!)
  • I do not want to blackmail you with photographs of your penis and…
  • I do not want you to send Me photographs of your penis!


All of this in a 3-day period and some of them more than once! The ones in the ‘for clarification’ list come from subs/slaves I have had no prior communication with or tribute from. What do you think will happen to these emails and DMs? Is there some confused braincell that thinks you are offering Me My ultimate dream?!

Final Thoughts

Thankfully I have those who serve Me who know what it is to be loyal, to be respectful and devoted. They are the ones who will enjoy a lifelong relationship with Me and a place in My world. There is always room for those who are true. Research, think carefully about what you are looking for and ask when you are ready. For some, submitting may feel like the hardest thing you will ever do, but you only do it the once. Then everything else comes easily. If you want any of the other stuff just keep on moving. There is no room at the inn!

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