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Objectification vs Worship

So many who come to serve Me are aware that in long-term service, worshipping of Me is a natural extension. It is something that binds you closer. After all what is a Goddess if not a woman you accept as your Superior, who guides you, who moulds you, who offers words to inspire and a life to be followed without question? A Life Mistress can be so much more than what a mainstream religion suggests. Even those once atheists find cause to kneel at My feet. But what is it to worship? How does a slave know he is doing it right and not crossing into the territory of objectifying the One they wish to serve? What is so bad about objectification if he does? Let us consider it.

Feeling Horny?

A slave of Mine has wisely stated that feeling horny because you serve and serving because you are feeling horny are two very different things. It is also a key representation of the difference between worship and objectification.

A generally accepted definition of ‘objectification of women’ is:

“the act of treating a person as an instrument of sexual pleasure. Objectification more broadly means treating a person as a commodity or an object without regard to their personality or dignity”

Whereas to worship is defined as:

“to honour or show reverence for a divine being or to regard with extravagant respect and devotion”

When men objectify women they reduce them down to nothing more than physical attributes. Their other attributes, like their personality, qualifications etc become immaterial. When you worship Me as your Goddess, do you reduce Me down to nothing more than body parts? Of course not. If you are, you are doing it wrong! The opposite of objectification is perhaps respect and I demand that at all times. To treat Me correctly is to love Me in the way that I should be and to show Me My worth.


Those who worship may choose to deify Me. A symbolic way of doing so is to create a shrine. This may be a physical thing with an image of Me at its heart or a practical option for many is a temple in the mind. Those who have such a thing have a safe space to retreat to be with Me at all times. When the weight of Vanilla bears down upon you there is a sanctuary to hand where you may find Me.

One who worships a Goddess once wrote:

“worshipping my Goddess is what I exist for. I feel honoured and blessed that the purpose She gave my existence is to worship Her. Why would I want to do anything else but adore Her all the time?
If the world has time for any other nonsense than to serve, worship and adore The Goddess, then it is the world’s loss – it is their misfortune what bliss they are missing.”

Is It OK To Find Me Attractive?

Does all this that mean that you should not find Me attractive or not show appreciation for My feminine form? Of course not. Women were made attractive for man to find it easier to submit to their will. To desire is natural but those who serve Me, know Me. They do so with decorum and see Me for all I am – not just whatever body part they find themselves most attracted to. As a result their compliments actually mean something. A man who is not part of My world who simply comments on My image is of little consequence. Such a person has no right to allow a woman to feel like an object. Why? Objects are incapable of thought and feeling, they are there to be owned and controlled. If looking at it from a female supremacy point of view one could say the patriarchy is to blame. The act of seeing a woman as being there solely for male gratification is to ‘put them in their place’ and strip them of power.

For women generally always remember that her body is beautiful and wonderful. Respect it by respecting her as an individual. Encourage her confidence. Do not do all this because of some outdated notion that she is weaker. Woman is not the weaker sex.

Serving Me

When it comes to Me things are very simple. I am a Superior Woman, to those who seek to serve I am their Goddess, I am a Mistress to many and submissive to none. To worship Me is to honour Me. To enjoy My looks is human. My pictures and My works could almost be seen as a form of transcendence. My visual depictions that fill your private shrines elevating Me and creating a person worthy of worship. Kneel for Me, pray to Me, be guided by Me, reject those religions who cause angst and are headed by a faceless God. Take your place and in doing so find something you can truly believe in.

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