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What Is Quitting Findom All About?

It is often noted by those who serve Me that Twitter is full of tweets from subs who loudly declare they are quitting Findom. There is no denying that in a single day I can find many who talk of the quit/relapse cycle. The majority seemingly bemoan the fact they have or haven’t managed to walk away or last longer without the effects of a wallet drain than predicted. Then I might, out of idle curiosity, look at their Twitter feed and see that it is something they do non-stop.

It rather begs the question, why?

Why Quit?

If a person has an affinity with financial domination, then that does not come and go. It is something that manifests itself deeply within who you are. It is to be fed and nurtured to find happiness, or starved if you wish to suffer in what one can only hope is a dignified silence. The latter is rather pointless but not drawing attention to the fact that you are desperate to submit to a woman such as Myself  but won’t, is preferable to announcing it with a foghorn. I will therefore choose to believe that participating in Findom is not some sort of weird self-afflicted, sado-masochism and that, on some level, it is desired and sought out. Perhaps you do not find and serve your Life Mistress, but there are many wonderful ladies out there that will drain a wallet. Therefore, you engage with Findom because you like it.

If financial domination is so attractive to you as to warrant engagement in the first place though, then why quit? Perhaps a personal reason means you can no longer serve long-term or to the level and standard your Domme has come to expect of you. That would certainly relinquish you to quit Findom. But those in this quit/relapse cycle do not keep suffering some huge loss or change in circumstances. Perhaps instead then they permit themselves to be drained completely, to a level wholly unsustainable that leads them into financial ruin. Possible in some cases, but for this large number of men with so few drains and with Dommes I know to be responsible on their radar? I think not!

I think that there are two options and I will be blunt and say that neither are things that appeal to Me in one who serves.

The Attention Seeker

Option 1 is that the sub is merely an attention seeker. He whines and bemoans his lack of willpower. He talks about his weaknesses for certain things such as leather or stockings. Then he will add to his message every key phrase he can think of in the hope that it will be seen by a Mistress who will be willing to give him a bit of attention and perhaps a bit of what he enjoys for next to nothing. It is simply bait-tweeting in such a fashion to lure in women who think he is worth more than the few pounds he truly intends to give. ‘I’m quitting’ he cries and there will be those who tell him not to go; ‘I’ve relapsed’ he states and others come to get in on the action (which is probably non-existent).

I do not chase, I do not clamour and I have no need to go against My fellow Dommes. We are each different and a slave who is true will have chosen with care. Though to be entirely blunt, the Dommes who take their craft and gift seriously will not pander to such nonsense.

The Repeat Offender

Option 2 is far less obnoxious thank goodness. It is simply that for the submissive, the cycle itself has become an integral part of the satisfaction. The intention to refuse a tribute, the fighting against the surrender to a dominant Woman who really only needs to click Her fingers and point to Her feet so he knows where he belongs, eats into his soul and makes the moment of the send even more intense. But then the moment has passed, the act has been done and he must in that down-time move away from Her, only to wait for the feelings to rise again. How long will that take? Only the experienced finsub knows.

However long it takes, I have no interest in them either. Some might think it is harsh, but it is always good to be truthful. In financial domination what matters is Me, not the slave. I do not view what I offer as entertainment and I am certainly not here to be picked up and dropped because a sub has got an erection or been satiated! I demand to be served always. That is how you grow to become a slave that I trust, one that I can depend on. There is nothing that competes to being put into that category. It is for the select few. One who flits like a hummingbird is sweet when you have him and a bitter disappointment the next.

If You’re Going, Just Go!

I am sure there are many other nuances. Each individual will feel their own way about it. I just believe that if a sub truly wanted to quit, really needed for their well-being to give up this part of themselves, they would not be telling the entire Twitter Findom community about it! If that is you then I think we may just have realised why you fail!

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