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How much should i send, Mistress?

“How much should i send, Mistress?”

At first glance, many of you will be wondering what is wrong with this seemingly innocent question. After all, it is presumably a sub who is ready and willing to lay tribute. I should feel elated at being asked this simple question. But no. Experience and a little bit of thought can show how these six words can irritate or be a red flag.

No Initial Tribute

Firstly he has not followed My very clear instruction to lay an initial tribute. An initial tribute is not what some subs seem to think – a way to get money for nothing. It is an essential part of how you introduce yourself and is integral to how things will proceed from that point on. All of you are very concerned with making sure that I am real, that I am verified, but do not feel or see the need to prove yourselves as potential slaves for My Empire. Why then would I spend time and effort on you?

Being entirely realistic I will receive many DMs a day from new subs. The vast majority only manage to say ‘hi’, others want content (I’m not here to entertain you), others are requests for Me to sell used items (nope), I will have requests for sex and to live with Me, possibly some hate and of course the miracle slaves who actually get everything right. Can you guess who I will spend My time on?! So, with all of this nonsense going on and the good boys who are actually worth My time, why would I spend time on you asking Me a silly question when you don’t even respect Me enough to lay a token tribute of any sort? Your Twitter tag will immediately have ‘time-waster’ attached to it in My mind.

The Lazy Sub

The second thing it illustrates is that you are lazy. What FinDomme has space in Her world for a slave who is lazy? I only accept those who are diligent, interested and hard-working. After all, on My website it tells you what initial tribute is, based upon how you wish to serve Me. It also tells you what is acceptable on an ongoing basis. If you were serious about serving Me and being a part of My world, then the very least you should have done is read something about Me. Otherwise you present as a self-serving sub and not a serving slave. I instantly categorise you as a sub who is not intending on staying in service long-term and is just looking to satiate a want. It’s not attractive!

Doing the Minimum

Assuming that it is neither of those things and it is a sub who intends on laying of tribute, it tells Me that he is only interested in doing the minimum to serve and not his maximum. He is someone who in all likelihood wants to know how little he can get away with to interact with a Woman like Me in some form. They are not the subs who sacrifice, who strive to grow as My slave, who offer up a surprise because of the bond we have forged. He is someone that wants to do his ‘bit’ and be done with it. A better method would be to approach and say what the best you can do is, what you would be sacrificing to lay the gift – that I can respect as it instantly shows you are strong enough to make the choices I will expect of you and that you have given thought of serving long-term serious consideration.

Am I Mystic?

The most frustrating though is when it is written by a slave who actually expects an answer to that question. Unless I have become mystic overnight, chances are that I know nothing of the sub or his personal circumstances. How then can I know what his budget looks like, his earning capacity or his commitments? Am I supposed to know if £50 a week is a lot of money to you or £250? It is that moment where I can pluck a random number from the air! It can only really go a few ways. I can say a number that is too low and I’m not dominating enough, a number that is too high and they run for the hills, a number that is just right and they pay it but I still know nothing about them (this is starting to sound like Goldilocks and the Three Bears!) or I suggest that he looks at My website and lays appropriate tribute. When I did that last week I was told I had given him a proper stripping down and he wouldn’t be serving Me! Honestly, some subs are so sensitive. If I give you a proper stripping down, you’ll know about it. Suggesting you do what you should have already done is not even coming close.

So, what should you all take away from this? Asking what you should send as a tribute without checking for the information in the first place or laying anything as a token of taking up your potential Domme’s time is not a good look. It leaves you with all the other junk messages and DMs She gets in a day. First impressions and first tributes count more than you realise and if you aren’t ready to make an effort with both, I won’t be ready to make an effort with you.

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