Worshipping Mistress

Female Superiority

Female Superiority’s Place in My Findom World

You are here because you see and accept the true order of things or are at least open to understanding Female Supremacy. I write this so you understand that Female Superiority is all around you and that living in a world where men are subservient to women is desirable.

You are not alone in seeing that this time has come. Some leading male professors are even writing papers and publishing books explaining all the ways Women are superior. In this day and age, Women are not requesting rights or asking for change so as to be on an equal footing with a man. A Woman who does that, who seeks to be equal, has lost her way. No, Women are not asking for power – they are taking it. Power is simply waiting to be taken by those who know how to use it and that is something only a Woman can now do.

My Position

Whilst all Women require your respect, you must remember that My place is clearly at the top. Consider Me your Queen, Goddess, Mistress and Matriarch all rolled into one. I am all you will ever need. My word is final, My visions of all things pure and all I demand of you beyond question. Beneath Me your life is destined to become simple. No longer do you need to carry the weight of decisions you are not equipped to make or bear the guilt of actions men have brought down upon us. At My feet you will see clearly, breathe easier and rest well.

Submitting to Me is not a weakness. It symbolises acceptance and freedom. Society tells you free will exists and that being an alpha is desirable. Remember though, a society run by men has led to disasters the world over. What you have been told of what it is to be a man is just a myth, a story told to boys. Women are the light and the future, and you shall revere and worship Me in accordance with these beliefs. I know it is not your fault, there is no misandry here.

But Is It True?

As has been noted in various studies and the book ‘Women After All: Sex, Evolution and the End of Male Supremacy’:

“women … are superior to men in many ways, and in most ways that will count in the future”

“women are superior in judgement, their trustworthiness, reliability, fairness, working and playing well with others, relative freedom from distracting sexual impulses, and lower levels of prejudice, bigotry, and violence.”

“[W]omen are fundamentally pragmatic as well as caring, cooperative as well as competitive, skilled in getting their own egos out of the way, deft in managing people without putting them on the defensive, builders not destroyers.”

With all that in mind, who can argue with the notion that the world will be a better place when Female Superiority has been fully expressed?

Men are driven by their instinctual attraction to women. Submitting to women is normal. Submitting to Me however, is a privilege.

What do you do?

You are going to support your Superior with your actions and your tributes. Financial tribute is not made because I need money or because you are fulfilling the outdated neanderthal idea of providing for a Woman. I have no need for men to achieve anything of My choosing. Tribute is your chance to show your understanding and appreciation of My female form, My exquisite mind, My strength, My power and My permitting you a place in My world. Your gifts add to My lifestyle and enable Me to do more, to express Myself more, to attract more to Me who need to hear My words. I build around Me an empire of those who understand the female sex is dominant and that I am best placed to lead you.

Have you never heard the saying, ‘a man who is born of Woman has a duty of servitude to Her’?

Accept your place, knelt before Me, and feel divine order restored. The future is so much brighter through the control of masculinity.

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