Propositioning Owned Slaves

The world of Findom is changing and the propositioning of owned slaves is becoming commonplace.

Becoming an Owned Slave

To become an owned slave is a process that is long and demanding. It is not something that is simply given. Every Mistress and Domme will have Her own benchmark that a slave must reach to be considered and then, possibly individual expectations based on the slave, such as his personality and private commitments. After all, every slave’s journey is unique and so is his bond with Me. The gift of ownership is therefore momentous for both of us. It is something to be striven for, celebrated when acquired and then fought to maintain. After all, there is no room for complacency in service and all good subs know that only the Domme is irreplaceable!

The False Domme

So what is going on in the world of Twitter/X, where slaves are regularly being approached by women who masquerade themselves as a Mistress, Domme or Goddess? I say ‘masquerade’ because let us be clear, no self-respecting Dominant would go pleading with a sub to tribute them or worship them too. It is pathetic to the point of hilarity. Not only can they not attract their own slaves but they are then willing to share! Honestly, do you think a Woman like Me lets My slaves spend time, attention or money on any female other than Me? Of course not. I am their everything. They neither need nor desire anyone else. That these short-sighted pretenders are happy to grovel in pursuit of leftovers and cast-offs does not do them any favours.


I trust My slaves completely. If they are Mine, if I have agreed to own them fully, then the trust is explicit. I know that they could be approached by anyone else and they would ignore or decline. That is not the issue. The problem is them being put in the position in the first place. In most circumstances their status as an owned slave is extremely clear. Their posts will express it, their bio will state it and they may even display My ‘owned by’ banner which is given to My most faithful. Why should they then be bombarded with messages from false-dommes, often explicit or rude, frequently including the use of derogatory language and names? I am sure the same women would not appreciate men coming onto their feeds and speaking to them so disrespectfully. I have had slaves of Mine tell Me of such instances. It is never positive, never desired and hardly ever ends with a polite acceptance from the woman that it was the wrong course of action to take or an oversight on her part.


The thing that annoys Me most though, is the sheer disrespect shown to Me and My world through this act. Nobody takes who and what is Mine and a weak-willed, ineffectual, false Domme hoping to make a quick buck from one of My loyal, committed and devoted slaves riles Me more than anything else. I do not go to a woman and claim what is hers as My own and I do not tolerate it in My world. A woman who wishes to do as I do should try having their own standards and morals, their own skills and a demeanour to show men they are worthy of the gift of their submission. If, as a woman, you are not made to be on this scene, do not be on it. Leave Findom to those who live it, breathe it and are capable of delivering it without muddying the waters for everyone else.

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